The Rokaa Font

Let’s start by defining rokaa font : it is one of the most popular arab font , it’s relatively recent , it have invented by the Othmans since 1863 miladi , it is easy to read, fast to write and beyond complexity . In addition, we never forget to mention that  Momtaz bek is the calligrapher who makes the rules of this font in the reign of sultan Abd al majid khan in 1863 miladi.

Roquaa Font is different from the others fonts , it is often formed in tight limits except the koranic verses. It is one of the most common fonts  and it is written specialy in the most arabic countries .

Second point, it is known by his short, spaces and straight letters , also his simple curves are mostly semi-straight and this font is marked by it is strong and expressive flexibility .

Since old, they think that Rokaa Font is derived from NASSKH FONT and THOLOTH FONT  (which we will know soon in next articles) , and others think that his name is Rokaa because people in the past wrote in “Al-roqa” ( collect of rokaa [patch] which is the piece of paper or skin to write on ) that’s why his name is Rokaa Font .

Anyone who has a slight knowledge of this font is almost the most used , most of the documents were written in era of the Othman Empire in the roqaa font . And now , it become over use in public , all the people were used in their daily writings, when they write letters also , that’s why he has the privilege of writing it in narrow space.

Rokaa Font , is an arabic font but it become now wide spend , required and desirable in alla the world . i used : book’s titles , newspaper, magazins , advertising, sing-boards and publicity , banners, holiday cards , and some certificates offered to students . This is the over use of this famous arab fonts .

Now , we can add some notes : if you want learn this font you have an arabic book for calligrapher mahmoud ibrahim who gives easy lessons and detailed explanation how to wrote in rokaa font :

*Learn how to make pen as writing basics.

*Explain how to hold the pen

*Explanation spelling single letters.

*Learn writing the lettre in all its forms , the first in the middle and the last speech.

*Lear how to write to letter connected or seperate.

*Multiple drills of each lesson to evaluate the student for himself.

I conclude, the Roqaa Font is the months in daily use, which is fast and random does not take into account the status of movements . This is the important difference between this font and Nasskh Font which is elegant and understandable when reading it. website uses cookies to collect statistics of visits and share them with our advertising and analysis partners to provide targeted advertising. By continuing to browse the site, you agree to its terms of use,read more