The Diwani Font

In the past ages the Arabs are famous for many differents fonts , it should say that no one creates fonts like the Arabians .they are so talented in this domain.

One of the most excellent Arab Font is the Diwani font. First of all , it named Diwani because it related with the Diwan Sultan Al Othmani when the sultan Mohammed Fateh Al Othmani opened “Constantinople” since 857 Hegira. This is the begining of this wonderful font.

Other side, they used the Diwani font in the goverment offices, they wrote the correspendence bowl, the Fermans, the official books sented bentween the Sultans and Kings , books for oppointment to public posts , and what is issued by the kings and princes of data and special orders and also wrote key names of books and ads. That’s why it named Diwani.

In addition, this font is almost like “Rokaa Font”. Ibrahim Manif is the first one who makes the rules. He lived under the reign of Sultan Mohammed the Second. Then, it was famous in the arab world by distinguished Calligrapher Mustafa Ghazlen , from this the diwani has another name which is Ghazlani Font. So, he puted other rules which makes it more beautiful and special.

Now, try to understand the characteristics  of one of the most arab font . Therefor, it caracterized as rotation, lin(supple) , and obedient , it fits most of the scripts. The beauty of diwani font with round and interlaced letters ,maybe it will be hard and difficult to read but it looks so amazing , this is what distinguished this font. Then, they entered the Fitness and fexibility to suit his new condition in his prestigious centre .

Also, the calligrapher needs sometimes to link the seperate letters to decorate the words because this font based of decoration . Diwani has two type, the first is the “Normal Font” which is free of decoration . However the second is “Jalii Font” which abounds in it the decorative signs to fill in the blanks between letters and it used in the decoration , to looks beautiful, special and feautured .

At the end, the Arabian calligrahers (especially the Surian) are the most worthy and creative of writing the Diwani Font , and they have proved their rightful and professional place in establishing the foundation of this art , and they worked hard to reformulate it and build it up from the start which become the most important font in arab world and certainly in High Class Art . No one can describe Diwani Font properly , it beyond experessions and imagination. website uses cookies to collect statistics of visits and share them with our advertising and analysis partners to provide targeted advertising. By continuing to browse the site, you agree to its terms of use,read more