Top arabic fonts for mac

Cool letter fonts in arabic for Mac : Check our collection and download the font you like for free! how to install the downladable font in Mac? FIrst, close all actives applications in your Mac. Next, unzipp the font (of course if it is zipped) and move the ttf file to this directory “/Users/**Username**/Library/Fonts” . That’s it.

Tachkili Font خط تشكيلي – fine art

Tachkili Font خط تشكيلي – fine art

Tachkili Font is another advertising arabic font. Use it to make pretty arabian logo. it can be used both on PC and Mac. الخط التشكيلي مثالي لرسم شعارات الشركات المهتمة بمجال التكنولوجيا . التشكيلي خط عربي مجاني التحميل ويمكنك استخدامه لأغراض...

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