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With Arab-fonts find a huge selection of free arabic fonts offered for personal use. You can download any font in this website for designing or truetype. These fonts can be used in press ads, signboard, and others things in the Arab countries. Please do not sale this package of fonts. The website provides a large collection of and Islamic Arabic Calligraphy for free download.

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Arabic Font The Kuffi Font

At the begining , Kufi Font is actully an  arab font , it is very old ,he grew up in the early days of islam in the city of kufa in irak ,from here he named kufi . It  is one of theoldesarabic fonts . It wasadopted in the era of the Righteous Caliphs , on account of need muslims to wrote and record the koran . Italso represents a dry geometric decoration font that needs to be written exact precision . In addition , we should mention that the most perfect writer in islam is “Ali ibn Abi Taleb” The Quranic font , this is our new name because it usually used in the verses of the quran . So , the principle of this font is inclined or diagonal little bit from the righ the ” lam and alf ” they are arabic letters like the “a and the l” but to understand , learn and practise arab font you should know exactly the Arabic alphabets, it...

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Arabic Font The Diwani Font

In the past ages the Arabs are famous for many differents fonts , it should say that no one creates fonts like the Arabians .they are so talented in this domain. One of the most excellent Arab Font is the Diwani font. First of all , it named Diwani because it related with the Diwan Sultan Al Othmani when the sultan Mohammed Fateh Al Othmani opened “Constantinople” since 857 Hegira. This is the begining of this wonderful font. Other side, they used the Diwani font in the goverment offices, they wrote the correspendence bowl, the Fermans, the official books sented bentween the Sultans and Kings , books for oppointment to public posts , and what is issued by the kings and princes of data and special orders and also wrote key names of books and ads. That’s why it named Diwani. In addition, this font is almost like “Rokaa Font”. Ibrahim Manif is the first one who makes the rules. He lived under the reign of Sultan Mohammed the...

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Arabic Font The Rokaa Font

Let’s start by defining rokaa font : it is one of the most popular arab font , it’s relatively recent , it have invented by the Othmans since 1863 miladi , it is easy to read, fast to write and beyond complexity . In addition, we never forget to mention that  Momtaz bek is the calligrapher who makes the rules of this font in the reign of sultan Abd al majid khan in 1863 miladi. Roquaa Font is different from the others fonts , it is often formed in tight limits except the koranic verses. It is one of the most common fonts  and it is written specialy in the most arabic countries . Second point, it is known by his short, spaces and straight letters , also his simple curves are mostly semi-straight and this font is marked by it is strong and expressive flexibility . Since old, they think that Rokaa Font is derived from NASSKH FONT and THOLOTH FONT  (which we will know soon in next articles) , and...

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Arabic Font سلسلة عالم الاطفال

  كيف استعد جيدا لقدوم مولودي الجديد كل المستلزمات السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته عزيزتي لا تجعلي هده الفترة تمر دون ان تكون قد اخدت نصيبا من النشاط و الاستمتاع و التشويق . معلوم ان اكثر ما يشغل بالك في هده المرحلة هي تجهيزات المولود الجديد لجهلك تماما بمثل هده الامور ان كنت حديثة العهد . لدلك اغلب الامهلت تكون شديدة الحرص على توفير كل المستلزمات دون نقصان اد تظل تجمع كل الحاجيات لكنه قد تقتني الكثير من الاشياء التي قد لا تحتاجها فيما بعد . الملابس من اهم المستلزمات التي ستنساقين اليها و تباشري بالشراء العشوائي هي الملابس فهي من اكثر الاغراض المفضلة لدى الامهات لتعدد التصاميم الجميلة و الالوان الهادئة و الاقمشة الناعمة . لهدا السبب حبيبتي ساقدم لك اهم الملابس الضرورية التي يجب عليك توفيرها . بداية يجب ان تكون كل الملابس قطنية مئة بالمئة لرطوبة بشرة الطفل و خوفا عليه من اصابته بالالتهابات او حساسيات . ثانيا عليك عزيزتي ان تعلمي موعد ميلاد طفلك لتتمكني من اقتناء الملابس فهده الاخيرة تختلف من فصل...

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تحميل خط النقش Download PakType Naqsh

Arabic Font تحميل خط النقش Download PakType Naqsh

إستعمل النقش قديما كلغه تواصل أما إليوم فهو فن جميل . أن كنت من هواة التصميم على الحاسوب أو الأجهزة اللوحية فيمكنك تحميل هذا الخط الرائع وإستعماله في إنجاز نقوش جميلة . Font PakType Naqsh Installation Instructions You may need to extract the .ttf files from a .zip archive file before installing the font. Windows (7/8/10) Right-click on the .ttf file and select install. MacOS X (10.3 or later) Double-click on the .ttf file and select...

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